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Past Life Regression Therapy Series (6) - Connecting to Inner Strength

Past life regression therapy allows us to communicate with our subconscious mind, and through deep interaction, transformation naturally occurs.

Emily has been suffering from depression and anxiety since high school, which has persisted for 10 years. Her mental health issues largely stem from her family background. Growing up in a household filled with negativity, criticism, and comparison, no matter how well she performed, it was never good enough in her family's eyes. With her personal efforts, she excelled academically, entered a prestigious university, completed a Master's degree, and joined the most competitive industry in Hong Kong. However, her self-doubt, feelings of failure, depression, and anxiety never truly left her. Recently, Emily faced setbacks in her career, plunging her back into the depths of depression and anxiety. For Emily, self-criticism felt like a massive whirlpool constantly lurking beside her, pulling her in when she least expected it and leaving her battered, defeated, and consumed by depression and anxiety. Each time she fell into this state, she would feel weak, cold, experience unnamed pain in various parts of her body, and be plagued by deep loneliness, helplessness, and despair.

During a recent session with Emily, we were curious to know if past life regression therapy could help her. In the regression process, I used the emotions and physical sensations Emily experienced during self-criticism as an entry point, leading her into her past life memories.

Emily recalled a past life in ancient China as a general. In that life, he was experiencing a low point: due to poor decision-making, his military campaign was unsuccessful, morale among his soldiers was low, and adverse weather left everyone exhausted and cold, forcing him to retreat. As a caring leader, he felt disheartened and doubtful when he saw his demoralized soldiers hiding in a cave to escape from the rain. Upon returning to the capital and reporting to the emperor, he was sidelined due to his lack of achievements. He then buried himself in military texts, and after several years, he finally got an opportunity: the emperor assigned him to fight against a foreign tribe in North-west China and defend the border. During this time, he applied the knowledge he had gained, improving his decision-making in battle and earning military honors. From then on, his achievements were remarkable, and his career advanced, but he never became arrogant or domineering. Instead, he loyally protected the border and devoted his life to improving the living of the local people. In his later years, he passed away peacefully on the frontier, surrounded by grateful citizens, friends, and subordinates who accompanied him on his final journey.

Three weeks after the session, I met with Emily again. She seemed like a completely different person, having shed her previous feelings of depression, self-doubt, unease, and anxiety. From within, she radiated a sense of calm, believing in herself and feeling at peace. As she sat down, Emily shared how that past life regression therapy had helped her. She felt that the session allowed her to tap into a powerful inner strength, as she realized that the past life she had experienced was the most suitable and necessary message for her at that moment. It was the message her subconscious mind wanted to convey. She understood that the challenges she faced in her present life were lessons she needed to learn, and she was willing to accept and believe in her inherent strength. Her previous doubts, criticisms, and attacks on herself had completely disappeared. Although she still faces various difficulties in her life, her mentality has completely changed. She confronts her challenges with a grounded and candid perspective, and regaining her self-belief gives her an unprecedented sense of unity within herself. She has ended her inner war and can now face her life with a calm and optimistic mindset.

Emily's transformation exceeded our expectations, and her experience further confirms my belief that human strength lies within us. If we can connect with our inner power, let go of external distractions and mental interference, our lives will be filled with strength, purpose, and meaning, allowing us to truly enjoy every experience we encounter.

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