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Registered Clinical Psychologist

  3 Signs Indicating You Should Seek Out a Clinical Psychologist

When you suffer a physical injury, you seek out medical help from a doctor or healthcare professional like an acupuncturist. You should likewise seek out professional assistance from a clinical psychologist when you suffer a mental or emotional injury. Clinical psychologist helps treat and improve mental health by teaching the patient how to develop the skills necessary to manage and overcome mental health symptoms.

Perhaps you’re unsure if getting counselling through a clinical psychologist is right for you? Or maybe you are unsure how to choose a clinical psychologist...

In Hong Kong, the Department of Health has announced on 31st October, 2019 that the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists(HKICP) is the ONLY professional clinical psychologist organisation that are authorised to manage the registration for qualified clinical psychologists in Hong Kong. Details of the news can be found here.

Therefore, if you need to look for a qualified clinical psychologist, you can go to HKICP for the list of registered clinical psychologists in Hong Kong.


Don’t be afraid to seek this important service. Generally, it is recommended you contact a clinical psychologist whenever your emotional or mental state begins to negatively interfere with your life. Here are just a few of the possible reasons why therapist counselling may benefit you:


3 Signs Indicating You Should Seek Out a Clinical Psychologist

  1. Agoraphobia and similar anxieties. Agoraphobia is the extreme fear of leaving one's home and/or entering an open, crowded area. Because of COVID-19, this mental health issue is becoming more common, with many people reporting anxieties about leaving their homes after a sustained lockdown. While it's good to come out of lockdowns with some apprehension to keep safe, too much anxiety is not healthy and will prohibit you from returning to a happier life as the pandemic winds down. Clinical therapy can help you ease back into normalcy.

  2. Lingering low mood or mood fluctuations. If you feel depressed or emotionally empty for days or weeks at a time, it’s important to seek help from someone who can talk out your problems with you. Seeking a clinical psychologist is equally important if your mood seems to shift radically in short periods of time, going between depression and high-energy mania within hours.

  3. Constant or disproportionate anger or resentment. Do you feel constantly on edge? If one thing goes wrong, do you feel like the whole day has been ruined? If so, then it's time to seek out a clinical psychologist. Being in a constant state of anger and frustration isn't healthy and is often a symptom of an underlying mental health issue. It can also be a sign of unresolved emotions. In both cases, professional therapist in counseling can help.


To learn more about how we can help, reach out to us at Illuminate Psychotherapy and Growth.

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