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Registered Hypnotherapist

  Registered Hypnotherapist- Get Connected with Your Unconsciousness

As you search for a "clinical psychologist near me," you might find the search results including a registered hypnotherapist. A registered hypnotherapist is a person who is professionally trained in the therapeutic use of hypnosis. Medically speaking, this is when a patient is put into a trancelike state so that the registered hypnotherapist can apply treatments via greater access to the subconsciousness and unconsciousness.

Hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular type of therapy in Hong Kong and you are now able to access it with the help of Illuminate Psychotherapy and Growth. Hypnotherapy is used as one of the treatment options in our Center, it is used for clients with various concerns, such as mood management, unresolved issues, confidence and self-esteem improvement, grief, childhood trauma, anxiety and depression treatment, etc.


Our experienced, registered hypnotherapist can help an individual overcome many common physical and mental health ailments, including:

  • Reduce anxiety as well as offer proactive solutions like increase one's confidence for public speaking 

  • General confidence and self-esteem improvement

  • Part of treatment for depressive-related mood disorders and issues like chronic anxiety and panic attacks

  • Mood management including anger management


Do you struggle with any of the above issues, or would you like to learn more? In either case, our team at Illuminate Psychotherapy And Growth is here to assist. We are the experienced clinical psychologist you've been looking for near you.

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