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Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a therapeutic treatment approach that employs techniques such as hypnosis to connect with our subconscious mind to work on various problems, like mood problems (sadness, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame etc), trauma, unexplainable physical concerns, difficult interpersonal relationships, and spiritual confusion. It usually takes 3-6 regression sessions to heal an issue, each session last for around 3 hours, and the complexity of a problem would affect the number of regression session needed. 

In regression therapy, our subconscious mind would take the lead in finding the root of our issues, while the conscious mind would be an observer in the process. Therefore, we would still be aware of and remember what is happening during the regression and our conscious mind may interfere sometimes. We just need to trust our subconscious mind to guide us on the healing process. Our instruction to subconscious mind is simple: go to the root cause of the issue, and it is the subconscious mind decides where we go, usually it will bring us to the following:

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Current Life Regression

Where we will connect to the current life memories that have created the unresolved emotions, thoughts or physical problems. And we will use various treatment techniques to release these trapped trauma and emotions from our subconscious.

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Past Life Regression

Where our subconscious mind brings us to our past life memories and incidents that have caused our current life problems. Through the past life regression, we will explore the past life and identify the unresolved problems and heal the emotions and trauma, so as to release us from the past life impacts. 

It does not matter whether your conscious mind believe in past life or incarnation for this therapy to be effective. People who do not believe in past life can also be benefited from this treatment.

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Inner Child Therapy

Where we will connect with our inner child, and get to the deepest memories in current life that caused our current unresolved emotions, thinking pattern and physical issues. We will not only release the emotions and traumatic memories but also restore a healthy and positive subconscious mind through this powerful inner child therapy.

During this process, our clinical psychologist Clare will guide you and provide the most appropriate support as you explore your subconscious and deep-seated memories, enabling you to undergo deep healing in a safe and comfortable state. Clare has written about some real regression therapy cases as articles and shared them on this blog. The content of the articles is completely true, with personal information kept entirely confidential. If you want to learn more, you can browse through this blog.

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