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Regression Therapy Series (14) - The Deep-Seated Fears of the Soul

Every time I conduct regression therapy for a client, it is a very novel experience for me because we cannot predict where the subconscious will lead us. However, as long as we follow the guidance of the subconscious, the experience will surely bring us positive changes. The following client underwent regression therapy twice, and both times she regressed to the same past life before she could fully release the influence that life had on her. The following article contains some frightening content, please consider whether to continue reading.

Serena wanted to deal with her uncontrollable anger outburst. Since childhood, she could be easily triggered into disproportionate anger by what others said or their facial expressions. When she had anger outburst, it was not just anger she felt, but also often a sense of threat and grievance, tears would uncontrollably flow during these angry outbursts, and she could not help but destroy some of her things, such as her homework or objects, and her mood could not settle down for a long time. Her family and friends were accustomed to her frequent outbursts of anger, but they were also at a loss.

Serena comes from a broken home, with an abusive father who beat his wife and children, and a mother who left her at a young age, leaving her to live with her father, who often punished and mistreated her for no reason. I thought to myself, with such a background, it is remarkable that Serena is still striving to live and be positive. Her angry emotions must be closely related to her upbringing. Therefore, before conducting the regression therapy, I thought to myself that this should probably be a regression to the traumas of this life. When Serena came to my office, she was also very relaxed, without any expectations, just curious, and she started the regression therapy in a relaxed manner.

At the beginning of the regression therapy, Serena recalled memories that made her angry and aggrieved. After connecting with these emotions, Serena directly entered deep into her subconscious, and suddenly her face showed a look of panic, her body curled up, and she covered her face with a blanket. She said in a panic: "I see a very terrifying eye staring at me, ah, it's so scary... This eye is floating in front of me, I'm so scared!!" This statement left me a bit confused, but I still led her to continue connecting with the scene. Gradually, Serena saw herself as a boy in ancient Europe, next to a very beautiful girl, but he was very afraid of this girl because she was expressionless and her eyes did not blink, which made him shudder. Behind this girl stood a burly man wearing an old black coat and a black pointed hat, which was also unsettling. Throughout the process, Serena still felt very frightened, her body shrunken, covering half of her face with a blanket, saying she was very scared. I wondered why the emotion of anger went to a scene of fear. But we have to trust the guidance of the subconscious because it understands the root of our problems the best. So I continued to help Serena connect with the scene from her past life. She discovered that while she was paying attention to the terrifying girl, the man behind her suddenly rushed at him with an axe and then instantly decapitated him. It happened so quickly that he from the past life had no awareness of being attacked and died. Serena in front of me said she felt pain on the right side of her neck, where it was cut. In his past life, he saw his head rolling on the grass, and then the girl, still expressionless, walked over to pick up his head, staring at it without blinking, which made him feel extremely horrified. The girl was so terrifying, he felt the blood from his head keep flowing downward, while the girl, without any expression, continued to hold his head and walk forward, then went into a small cabin and threw his head into a pot of water prepared for cooking, and then the girl leisurely read a book next to the pot. Throughout the process, Serena screamed and told me everything she saw. As a bystander (listener), I too felt a chill down my spine. Under extreme fear, Serena could not help but open her eyes, disconnecting from the past life scenes in her mind, and returned to the reality to catch her breath. The intensity of these fears was something I had never seen before.

After letting Serena rest for a while, I led her back to that terrifying scene again because the emotions of fear had been branded into Serena's subconsciousness. We needed to completely release these emotions by re-experiencing the root of this fear. Therefore, although it sounds cruel to have her relive this terrifying scene, it is a necessary action to help her release the fears buried deep in her soul.

When Serena entered the memories of her past life of being killed and cooked for the second time, she felt extreme fear again, but it was much less than during the first recollection. In the treatment process, I utilized many trauma treatment methods of regression therapy, such as techniques to release traumatic memories stored in the body, enhanced hypnosis, etc., allowing Serena to release more fear and achieve liberation during this brutal death experience.

In this case, one can imagine that regression therapy is a very professional deep subconscious therapy method. During the process, there is a chance to regress to past traumas (including those from past lives) and is accompanied by intense emotions and vivid experiences. Therefore, when considering regression therapy, please carefully seek a professionally trained regression therapist to heal safely without being traumatized again.

When I observed that Serena had released a lot of fear and her emotions had stabilized, I continued to guide her to understand this past life. In that life, she was an ancient Dutch prince, and the girl was his half-sister from the same father. The prince was favored by their father and seemed to be the heir to the throne. This prince always tried to establish a friendly relationship with his sister, but she remained indifferent and eventually even ordered her men to kill the prince. After understanding this segment of the past life, we concluded the first regression therapy session and arranged for Serena to come back a week later to complete the remaining part of this past life regression therapy.

When Serena came back for the second session of regression therapy, she told me that she had been very calm during the week and was not affected by the first session. She had thought she would have nightmares about that terrifying girl, but in fact, she felt very good after the first treatment. So I guided Serena back into that past life again, to thoroughly release the greatest fear from that life—the segment about her skull being cooked.

In that past life, his death was very sudden; he didn't even realize he had been killed. So his fear did not come from his life. His fear came from after death, when his head was chopped off, and his sister picked up his skull to cook it. This was a very special situation that showed us that in such instant death, even when the body is dead (decapitated), and the soul hasn't left the body in time, the soul still receives messages. These experiences felt by the soul can still trigger intense emotions and become imprinted in the subconscious. At the beginning of the first regression therapy session, Serena saw a terrifying eye; it is believed that after his death, when his sister picked up his skull to look closely, his soul saw her terrifying gaze. Additionally, seeing his sister emotionlessly and coldly take his head to be cooked, these horrifying images were branded into his soul.

During the second regression therapy, I was searching for any residual disturbances from Serena's past life, using different regression techniques to help her completely release any lingering fears. Towards the end of the second session, I guided Serena to revisit the moment of the death in that past life. This time, Serena told me she didn't feel anything anymore; she was not scared at all and spoke with ease and comfort. This indicated that she had completely healed from the fear that her past life had caused her. Throughout the therapy process, Serena also came to understand how this past life had been affecting her anger in her current life. She realized that she had brought the fears from her past life into her present one, which meant that whenever she felt threatened in her current life, it would trigger the fear lying in her subconscious, and she would immediately respond with anger to protect herself. Therefore, at the beginning of the regression therapy, her subconscious led us directly to the root of her anger, which was this past life that had accumulated a significant amount of fear.

At the end of the therapy, Serena told me, "I finally understand why the homicide case which involved cutting and cooking of the corpse that happened earlier in Hong Kong scared me so much. I was so frightened at that time that I couldn't sleep for two to three weeks and even sought help from a social worker, but it didn't help to reduce my fear. Now, I understand that my fear was completely justifiable." I was pleased that Serena left my office in a relaxed mood after completing the second regression therapy. In a follow-up two weeks later, Serena told me that her anger, which was previously at a peak of 10 out of 10, had decreased to a 3. Even though her father had been harassing her lately, she no longer exploded with anger as before. Instead, she was able to control herself and discuss methods of dealing with it with her friends. This was a significant improvement, and I am glad that the two sessions of regression therapy greatly reduced Serena's anger.

Each regression therapy session is an interesting exploration for me because you never know where the subconscious will lead us or what memories we will explore. However, we can trust in the wisdom of our subconscious. As in this case, where the emotion of anger was linked to the fearful experience of a past life, and the rapid improvement after therapy is a solid evidence of the effectiveness of regression therapy, it gives us more confidence in the regression therapy guided by the subconscious.

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