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Past Life Regression Therapy Series (3) - Releasing the Fear of Money (Part 2)

"Past Life Regression Therapy" focuses on releasing the traumas and emotional entanglements we have inherited from our past lives, as well as attempting to achieve a deeper understanding and forgiveness, which is the most difficult part of the therapy.

After reviewing his entire past life, I guided Brian to converse with some significant people he encountered in that past life. During the conversation, I tried to help him release some entangled emotions. When Brian faced the wealthy man who had an affair with his wife, he felt extremely angry. Even after venting his anger, he still felt that he would never forgive this person. So, I led Brian to explore an even earlier past life: one in which he and the wealthy man had a more intertwined relationship.

In this earlier past life, he and the wealthy man were close brothers who grew up in a Chinese rural village, both falling in love with a girl from the village, who preferred Brian's friend. Their love triangle continued unresolved, eventually leading to Brian accidentally hurting the girl, causing her severe physical trauma and leaving her fate uncertain. Fearing his guilt, Brian hastily left his hometown and never returned until his death. When I asked Brian who this girl was, he said he didn't know.

After understanding his earlier past life, Brian realized that his entanglement with the wealthy man stemmed from the grudges of that earlier past life. At that time, it was Brian who stole the man's lover and accidentally hurt her. Brian suddenly felt that he didn't want to be entangled with this wealthy man anymore and understood that their entanglement was due to karmic cycles. Thus, he decided to let go of his hatred, make peace with the wealthy man, and completely forgive him.

Next, I guided Brian to have a conversation with his wife from his past life. Perhaps because he deeply loved her, even after she hired someone to kidnap and kill him, he couldn't express his anger towards her and immediately said he would forgive her. However, from my perspective, this wasn't true understanding and forgiveness. So, I led Brian to explore the root of the problem between him and his wife. To his surprise, Brian discovered that this past life wife was the village girl he had hurt in his earlier past life. Therefore, in this past life, Brian and the woman switched roles, making Brian experience the pain of being hurt. Realizing the root of the grudge between him and his past life wife, Brian cried and apologized to her, saying, "Actually, I hurt you first. I'm sorry." Both parties achieved complete understanding and forgiveness.

After these in-depth explorations, Brian fully understood that the betrayal he experienced in his past life had nothing to do with money. He initially thought he was killed for money, but after the therapy, he realized that these betrayals had deeper, more distant causes—stemming from the karma among the three of them. This understanding allowed Brian to release his fear of money and understand that he could fearlessly pursue his dreams and develop his career in this life.

Two weeks after completing the therapy, I contacted Brian again to understand his reactions after the past life regression therapy. Brian shared that his chronic lower back pain, which used to hurt every day, was now gone. Before the therapy, he would be in so much pain at the end of the day that he couldn't stand straight and had to use a waist wrap and hot compress to alleviate the pain. However, after the therapy, even after working a full day, Brian's lower back didn't hurt at all. Because he no longer had back pain forcing him to rest, Brian worked continuously without feeling pain until he completed his work and then realized how tired his body was. Brian recognized that without the pain in his lower back to remind him to rest, he needed to relearn how to communicate with his body, listen to its needs, and schedule appropriate rest for himself.

Another interesting finding was that Brian had a crazy craving for food. Before the therapy, if he ate a little late, he would feel out of control and think that the delay in eating would make him feel like he was about to die. As a result, if there was food in front of him, he would stuff it into his mouth like he had lost his mind. However, after the therapy, he found that once, due to work, he couldn't eat lunch on time, so he delayed his lunch until he completely forgot about it and didn't feel any discomfort. The past life regression therapy eliminated Brian's fear of not having food.

Past life regression therapy can not only address our most pressing concerns but also improve other related issues from our past lives. This is the magic of past life regression therapy.

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