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Past Life Regression Therapy Series (2) — Releasing the Fear of Money (Part 1)

There are some past life regression hypnosis in the market, which takes about two hours, allowing participants to gently explore some past life scenes under hypnosis. These past life regression experiences are like watching a short television program, seeing some scattered images, but not deeply understanding what happened, let alone dealing with the emotions and trauma that were not released in the past life. This kind of "past life regression hypnosis" experience is suitable for those who are purely interested in experiencing past lives.

"Past life regression therapy" is a completely different experience. In past life regression therapy, participants will deeply feel their past lives and the emotions they encounter, and will be guided to release and deal with trapped emotional traumas during the process. Some professional therapeutic methods will also be used so that participants can be thoroughly healed and gain spiritual insights. Past life regression therapy is suitable for those who are troubled in this life to participate, and release the issues that could not be resolved in the past life and affect this life, including psychological and physical problems.

The following case can help us understand more about how "past life regression therapy" deeply transforms and heals us.

The treatment content below is published with the consent of the parties involved, and the real names and personal information of the parties have been hidden.

Five years ago, Brian started a business with friends. Unfortunately, within just two months, some partners wanted to quit, and others let go, leaving only Brian struggling alone. Even though he overworked himself and used up his savings, the business was still forced to close. Brian felt the most painful thing was being betrayed by good friends. They initially agreed to stick together, but in the blink of an eye, he was the only one left. He even exhausted his savings and suffered from illness due to overwork. Since then, he has had long-term pain in the waist and back area, making it impossible for him to work for long periods and causing him to tire easily.

The main reason Brian tried past life regression therapy was his great fear of money. Every time he needed to make a significant investment decision for his future, Brian would feel very frightened, and his back would feel a chill and a centrifugal force. Coupled with his previous work-related injury and betrayal by friends, it made him very uncomfortable.

With the desire to understand the root of his fear of money, Brian entered his past life memories.

The following is an excerpt of a conversation between Brian and me during the therapy, just as he entered his past life:

Brian: It's very dark around, it seems like I see some black and blue colors, there's a floating feeling like waves, and some deep-sea fish swimming around. I feel pressure in my chest, difficulty breathing. It's very cold, and I'm scared. Ah ... it turns out I'm at the bottom of the sea, I'm dead.

Clare: Go back to the moment before you fell into the sea.

Brian: Ah ... I was thrown into the sea by someone. I'm already in the sea, it's very dark around, and there's a lot of pressure in my chest.

Clare: Go back to before that and see what happened before you died.

Brian: I was caught by several people, in a stone house, there was a man in red clothes, like the leader of this group of people. He was very fierce and scolded me, pointing at me with his finger, as if forcing me to sign a document. I was tied to a chair, my lower body had no sensation, and my back felt a strong centrifugal force. I was very hungry, it seemed like I had lost consciousness. Someone came to check if I was still alive, then two more people came to lift me out of the chair and threw me into the sea.

Clare: Go back and check why your lower body lost sensation.

Brian: Ah ... they kept attacking my back with wooden sticks. They tied my hands and feet with chains, hung me up, and kept hitting my spine and waist, torturing me; my entire back was bloody. I had no sensation below my waist, and I couldn't stand. So they later tied me to a chair.

I noticed that many details were skipped in Brian's past-life experiences. These omitted details are usually due to our subconscious automatically protecting us during traumatic experiences, causing us to ignore some of the fearful and painful experiences. However, in past-life regression therapy, we need to carefully understand the experiences within the trauma, so that the frozen emotions and energy can be released. Therefore, I guided Brian time and time again to explore the omitted details. Following these explorations, we discovered that Brian's current life back pain, centrifugal force, and chills seemed to be related to the back trauma in his past life.

In the next exploration, Brian and I learned that in his past life, he was a wealthy person who was kidnapped one day by several armed individuals in a black car. They took him to a stone house and forced him to sign an important document related to money. Brian refused and scribbled some words on the document, which angered the kidnappers, resulting in them beating him up. They then trapped him in the stone house, starved him for many days, and eventually threw him into the sea. As I further guided Brian back to other parts of his past life, he realized that he had married a woman he fell in love with at first sight. After marriage, he noticed that his wife had some huge expenses, which made him suspicious. However, in his past life, he did not confront his wife and chose to trust her, hiding his suspicions. Then, he encountered the kidnapping incident. In the story, I noticed that some important plots were omitted again, so I led Brian to carefully review the events between him and his wife in his past life. He then realized that his wife had become involved with another wealthy man, and her family seemed to have financial troubles. As a result, she targeted his wealth. After several excavations, Brian finally understood that his past-life wife had hired someone to kill him, instructing them to kidnap him and force him to sign a will, ultimately silencing him. After understanding the entire past-life experience, Brian felt a deep pain of betrayal by a loved one and a feeling of heart being torn apart.

During Brian's past life regression therapy, important segments were often skipped, reflecting that this past-life experience contained a lot of physical and emotional trauma. Therefore, during the process, I needed to listen and think carefully, like a detective, constantly paying attention to any omissions while understanding the story, and then further exploring them.

At this point, Brian's past-life regression has fully revealed his main experiences and traumas in that life. The next step is the crucial healing and transformation process. I will share this in the next article.

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