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Past-Life Regression Therapy Series (1) - The Beginning of a Journey

Many people are surprised and very curious to learn that I am studying past-life regression therapy. As past-life regression therapy is not yet widespread, it is a mysterious field, and therefore many people have misconceptions and doubts about it.

My first encounter with past-life regression therapy was more than a decade ago. At that time, I happened to read a book written by American psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss called "Many Lives, Many Masters". After reading it, I was deeply touched and moved. Since I had not yet entered the field of psychotherapy at that time, the ripples in my heart subsided as time went by. By coincidence, I came across other books on past-life regression therapy in recent years, and my soul was once again touched. It was under these circumstances that I embarked on the journey of becoming a Regression Therapist.

Someone once asked me, "You are already a clinical psychologist, why do you still want to learn past-life regression therapy?"

In the field of psychotherapy, there are different therapeutic approaches and schools. When using different approaches for therapy, the therapist is like wearing glasses with different functions, trying to understand the person in front of them from different angles. If therapists can understand a person from more perspectives, they can help the client in a more precise and suitable way. Therefore, I have always been actively learning different therapeutic methods. Regression therapy is a therapy that is full of developmental potential, with many successful cases documented in Europe and the United States, especially for treating some difficult cases.

After learning about people's views on past-life regression, I realized that many are curious about this therapy but are hindered by the lack of information, leading to misunderstandings. So I had an idea to share my experiences on past-life regression therapy, allowing everyone to understand how it can help those in need behind the veil of mystery.

The following therapy content is published with the consent of the client, and the real name and personal information of the client have been hidden.

**First Session - Freeing the Body and Mind**

My friend Anna was invited to experience past life regression therapy. She shared that since childhood, she had always felt weak below her knees, with limited mobility in her lower legs and feet. She often twisted and injured her ankles and started experiencing knee pain around elementary school to junior school. Doctors diagnosed her with cartilage degeneration in her knees (at such a young agel!). Even as an adult, she still feels weak in both legs and experiences pain when bending her knees. With this question in mind, I conducted a past life regression therapy session with her.

In this therapy session, I used Anna's weakness in both legs as a starting point to guide her into her past life. Anna was taken directly to a time of war. She felt and saw "him" - her past self floating in the sea, severely injured, with his right leg below the knee completely destroyed by a bomb and his left foot also badly injured. He had been submerged in the cold seawater for too long and had completely lost sensation in his lower body.

Often, our physical pain or unexplained ailments in this life may be related to traumas from our past lives. It is common for Anna to connect her weakness in both legs to the injuries "he" experienced in her past life. As she entered this injured state, Anna experienced many emotions, such as anger, sadness, and despair. This is an important part of past life regression therapy, as it allows unresolved emotions from past lives to be released and resolved.

After Anna's emotions were released, I guided her to slowly review other scenes from that past life. In that life, he was a boy who grew up in Europe, in a happy family, with a father who was a soldier. Possibly influenced by his father, he joined the army as an adult and eventually became a high-ranking officer. Despite his high position, he loved his people like his own children and had a good relationship with the local villagers. Soon, war broke out, and during a strategy discussion with other officers, he realized he couldn't protect his town and felt guilty for not being able to prevent the war. He witnessed bombers arriving, bullets flying, people falling one by one, and his right leg was blown off by a bomb dropped from a warplane, ultimately claiming his life.

After understanding the experiences and traumas of his past life, I guided Anna to process and release the emotions and physical traumas accumulated in that life. In the end, Anna realized that in that past life, "he" had carried a lot of extra responsibility, living his life with a guilty heart and physical trauma. She understood that it was time to let go of the burdens from that previous life. During the therapy, she also came to understand that not everything in life is within our control, just like in the midst of war, even as an officer, his life was fragile, let alone being able to protect others' lives.

Anna's past life regression experience took approximately 3.5 hours. After the therapy, both Anna and I felt tired but found it very interesting.

Two weeks after the therapy, I contacted Anna again to check on her leg condition. I was delighted to hear from her in a cheerful voice that she no longer felt pain in her knees, and the weakness in both legs had significantly improved. What surprised her the most was that, besides the improvement in her legs, she found that her previous feelings of inadequacy and guilt towards others had also quietly disappeared. This reflected that in this past life therapy, Anna not only healed the physical traumas from her past life but also untied some related emotional knots.

Here is Anna's sharing:

"I participated in Clare's past life regression therapy with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. During the process, I discovered that some of the minor issues in my current body were related to experiences from a past life. After completing the therapy, the related physical conditions have noticeably improved. Unexpectedly, some of my usual emotional entanglements have also found relief after the session.

I had never been hypnotized before, nor had I participated in any past life regression activities. I was worried beforehand about losing consciousness or seeing distressing images that I didn't want to see.

My experience was, as Clare said, like watching a movie, a movie about my past life from a third-person perspective. Just like watching a movie, there were moments of empathy, emotional engagement, and feelings, but everything had a comfortable distance, accompanied by the healing power of release.

This therapy gave me an unexpected sense of fulfillment and added new strength to my heart to embrace my current life. Thank you, Clare."

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