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Sat, Jan 16


Free Mindfulness Experiential Class--Zoom Platform

Free Mindfulness Experiential Class

Our Center holds a free mindfulness experiential class every month, which is conducted Ms. Clare Chan, our Center's registered clinical psychologist and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher. This class is suitable for everyone. In this class, you will learn the benefits of mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness, and a Q&A session. Please note that this class is conducted in Cantonese.

Free Mindfulness Experiential Class
Free Mindfulness Experiential Class


Jan 16, 2021, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Free Mindfulness Experiential Class--Zoom Platform


Years of scientific research have shown that mindfulness has lots of benefits, such as reducing stress , stabilising emotions, improving immune system, and enhancing concentration.


Join this Free Mindfulness Experientail Class to learn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation and basic meditation methods. If you have any questions, you can also ask our psychologsit immediately after class.


Suitable for those who are interested in mindfulness meditation.


You need to download the Zoom app on your computer, tablet or mobile phone in order to participate in this experiential class.


After successful registeration, you will receive a confirmation email with a detailed description of how to take the class one week before the class starts. Please stay tuned.


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